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The first round review was relatively painless - minor tweaks to pacing and some clarifications. Revised manuscript is back with Razor Sharp Editing and the red pen.  The next major hurdle is the cover and I better get cracking on the concept if Jim O'Connor Photography is going to have time work his magic.

So far, FORTUNA remains on track for a March 2017 release.   In the meantime, here's another glimpse into volume 4.

Lilian’s starts awake, pulling her thorn from beneath her pillow. What is amiss?

The predawn air is cool as it slides along her shoulders and upper back, bared when her movement shrugged the comforter to her waist. Her eyes adjust quickly to the dim light. She is alone. What then? Turning to sit, soundlessly pushing the faded celestial blue quilt to her feet, Lilian listens hard.

At a faint rustling, Lilian tilts her head toward the courtyard eaves where the worn courtyard covers are rolled-up for the season. Another rustle. A soft coo. Doves. The doves have returned. They love to nest in the dry, secluded area between the courtyard covers and the eaves.


With a resigned sigh, Lilian pushes to her feet, the glinting warbelt settling into place. The birds are harmless, but their acidic droppings are not. The house’s ancient stone and decrepit courtyard covers cannot tolerate the erosion. Touching the Cartel slate seated in the stand on her bedside table, Lilian confirms the time. It lacks half a bell to dawn. Enough time for Lilian to climb into the harness and rout the squatting birds before she joins Maman in the courtyard. 

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