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I recently posted on Facebook that I'm writing a full-on battle sequence for Serengeti Valor: The Apprentice, Volume 5. One dedicated reader asked for a teaser.


Karin - this is for you.


Disclaimer: My copy editor has not seen this. All typos are mine.


Racing to Douglas’ call, they discover a dozen well-armed associates and militia advancing on them. More fire-rifle bursts and three of the attackers fall, shot from behind. Lilian has a brief glimpse of Mr. Stefan before he disappears around the stairwell pursued by four of their foes. Another six boil out the stairwell to take the place of the fallen. Douglas recesses the door and drops to his knees next to Irina and begins to fire. Lilian and Seigneur Tristan step up and fire over their heads into the onrushing forces. Four fall before the leaders get too close and Douglas closes the door. The ten remaining attackers take up position and begin to fire steadily at the doors. As robust as they are, repeated fire will eventually shatter the doors.


Fireburst sounds from the risers and two more die from Simon’s and Tabitha’s firerifles. One more of the enemy falls before the remaining seven divide. Four turn to return fire while three cover the door keeping the defenders inside and continue to fire their way through the barrier.


A cry from Vicenza and Lilian runs to the next entrance, Emalia trailing her. The attack on Douglas and Irina is a feint. The main force is attacking here. At least two score of heavily armed associates and militia are advancing. With those that attacked on the other side, there are at least fifty. More than three times the fifteen they had suspected.


Vicenza recesses the doors and drops to his knees next to Rebecca. As they fire, Lilian and Tristan step up join their fire, using the doorframe for shelter from the return volleys. A fifth rifle sounds by Lilian knees, Emalia has squeezed in between Rebecca and Vicenza. Vicenza curses, hauling Emalia out of her exposed position and into the shelter of the doorway.

With only three defending rifles, the attackers increase their advance. When they are within ten paces, Rebecca recesses the doors. They have downed five, and a sixth crawls to the shelter of the riser. 


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