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InD’Tale calls the Twelve Systems Chronicles  “a fascinating read! ... a complex story and superbly drawn characters … One hungers for more after turning the last page.”

… a mixture of science fiction and erotica... Expect a lot of world building but also a lot of romance and sex...”  ***  “The writer has created a science fiction story rich in complexity and depth, while crossing into the romance and erotica genre.”

Raised to wealth and privilege, Lilian’s future was shattered when her father was convicted of terrible crimes.  By law and custom she should have followed him into death to redeem her corrupt genetics.  Desperate to avoid execution for crimes not her own, Lilian accepts an indenture contract with a powerful warrior.  For three years he will have total control of her body, will and intellect.

In the second volume of The Twelve Systems Chronicles, Lilian’s enemies are more determined than ever to see her destroyed.  A ghost from her past will imperil her future and threaten to destroy Lucius’ slowly developing trust.  Lucius’ rivals increase in number and ferocity as they seek to limit his expanding wealth and power.  They will use any means to undermine and destroy his plans including his notorious apprentice.

For Lilian, fallen warrior and lowly apprentice, the powerful Serengeti cartel is beyond dangerous.   Defying all expectation, Lilian has survived nearly a third of her trial by ordeal, only to face new and deadlier challenges.  Only the protection Monsignor Lucius Mercio stands between Lilian and destruction.

With the protection of Lucius Mercio Lilian has survived  the hostility, spite, and deadly violence of those who despise her for her father’s crimes. Dark dreams haunt Lilian as she prepares to accompany Lucius to Fortuna in the Fourth System. On the distant world, cut off from her few friends, Lilian will discover old rivals and confront the dangerous intrigues of hidden enemies while evils from the past prepare to surface.

As Lilian begins the third and final year of her trial by ordeal, she is more determined than ever to survive and repay Lucius’ protection and trust with loyalty and diligence. When a lethal disaster strikes Desperation Mine and Refinery and imperils Lilian’s conservatorship, hidden adversaries seize the opportunity to plot the downfall of Serengeti.